Homebrew Competitions Survey

Data Viz of survey responses from the Women's Craft Fermentation Alliance 2022-2023 survey

Presented at the 2023 National Homebrew Conference. This dashboard and data contained are not endorsed or produced by the American Homebrewers Association or Beer Judge Certification Program.

Cost of Living Increases compared against CPI

Data Viz of publicly available records on employee salary increases compared against inflation metrics.

Data based on multi-city public records requests. Analysis by author, not endorsed by any City or employee entity.

North America's Favorite Ski Resorts 2023

Data Viz of SKI Magazine's annual reader survey results

Data based on SkiMag.com article. Ski Magazine does not endorse this site.

Beer Style Parameters

2021 Beer Judge Certification Program Guidelines

Data based on BJCP guidelines. The BJCP is not affiliated with this site.