Cody Gabbard

Freelance writer

Based out of the Mile High City.

Although primarily a craft beer and spirits writer, I also write columns on travel and golf. I tend to focus on the people behind the craft, and put a heavy emphasis on research. My articles can be found in both print and online and I have a recurring column, 'Tapping In', in Colorado AvidGolfer, highlighting golf and beer travel destinations.

I hold a certification as a Certified Beer Server within the Cicerone Certification Program and am highly knowledgeable in the history and culture of beer, as well in the pairing of beer with food.

Some of my past work has included several research and analytical positions with private companies, and I have written for a variety of audiences on topics ranging from security, business resiliency, political atmosphere, and crime trends.

I live among the Front Range mountains in Denver, CO and can be contacted for any type of freelance work or research.


(703) 944.4461


Fodder Page

This section is my mental dumping area. Most articles are spawned from random ideas that eventually develop a cohesive voice, so consider this a sandbox of thoughts and other musings I may develop into a future article.